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Purchasing Information

The Gatz
1007 S. Talbot Street, St. Michaels, MD  21663



We Accept the Following Methods of Payment

Major Credit Cards
Bank Wire
In Store Layaway Plans Available


Our Products and Merchandise

Website listings are also available on our eBay store and in our retail store in St. Michaels. They are available first come first serve. Many of our items are items that are constantly restocked or are due to arrive from Europe and Asia. Please read our listing information carefully before you purchase to confirm you are in agreement with those details. If it is not clear or you have other questions please call. We reserve the right to remove listings as required as they relate to out of stock or prior sales. Although we endeavor to complete this task quickly time zone differences and hours of operation may take several days to complete this action.

We are an active importer receiving container deliveries every 30 days. Many of our items listed on our website are often arriving from their origin in Europe or in production in Asia. Always give us a call to discuss US arrival schedule. Items in Europe and Asia always involve transportation in those countries to loading points, packing and shipping, container transport to the US, transport from ocean terminals to our warehouse, unpacking, inspection, repacking, scheduling of  delivery, pickup by the delivery company and final delivery to you. Nearly all of the services we have little control over and there are often delays. Please call to discuss the timeline of our anticipated purchase and delivery to you.

Condition Reports:   Many of the antique items we offer range in age from 50 years old to well over 100 years old and as such have experienced a wide range of owners and use. As a result we will not list every chip, nick and scratch in our description since we consider this part of the history of the item. Many of our pieces of furniture have very old locks so we cannot guarantee working locks on many items. If you have a specific need please contact us in reference to locks and keys. We have found  from experience that a customer’s view or expectations of the condition of an item or more importantly what is acceptable to them varies so we prefer to talk with you one on one. What we may consider very good or exceptional is the result of many years of selecting the best we can find in the market. If you have questions about the condition of an item or require a detailed condition report please give us a call. It is your responsibility to ask. We encourage you to always call prior to your purchase. As the Seller we will attempt to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. We receive many emails daily, so please be patient. If you do not receive a response by us via email please check your Spam Filter or Junk Mail. Telephone inquires receive immediate response during business hours. Due to the volume of inquires we receive we prefer that condition reports, additional photos and specific details on a particular item be requested via telephone.

Our Service Department:  We have a complete service department as well as provide restoration services on many pieces. Services include, modifications on beds, cabinets, table as well as other projects. Always give us a call to discuss the piece of modifications you are interested in. We inspect all merchandise for condition prior to shipment to you.

eBay Purchases:If you experience a problem with the item you purchase or problems with your delivery please contact us before you post your feedback we are always here to assist you

Natural Stone Products:

Buyer acknowledges that stone is a natural substance, formed within the earth. Therefore, variations in color, pattern, texture, veingin, fissures and pitting must be accepted. These differences and variations in stone do not affect the quality of the stone and should be considered as the beauty of natural stone instead of flaws. Purchaser acknowledges that natural stones vary in color, pattern, and texture and that fissures and pits are natural characteristics of the stone. The actual stone delivered may differ from the sample or picture(s) shown. The purchaser acknowledges that additional stone ordered at a later date can be more expensive and cannot be guaranteed to match the original stone.

All special orders require the purchasing of material and manufacturing. Customer understands all special orders are final there can be no change orders or cancellations.  A deposit ofat least 50% is required in order to begin manufacturing.  Final payment is due after the order arrives in the US and before the order is shipped from our location to your location.  If customer cancels the order after production begins customer agrees to forfeit all deposits. Deposits will only be returned if The Gatz is unable to complete the order.


Special orders can take from 90  to 150 days to arrive in the US.  This time period may fluctuate due to, but not limited to; unforeseen circumstances related to manufacturing, shipping, customs and holiday schedules both foreign and domestic. We try our best to complete orders as quickly as possible but due to the circumstances we make no guarantees to meet customer deadlines or specific delivery schedules.